Building a Green Home

By Clayton Farmer - Bluegill Energy Management

Why build with energy efficiency and Green in mind?

The United States makes up only about 7% of the world’s population but consumes 1/3 of the world’s energy. Our residential buildings account for about 1/4 of all energy consumed in the U.S.

Energy efficient and Green features are easy and affordable to incorporate into new home construction when effectively designed and implemented. The end results yield a tremendous value to the homeowner.

What can be accomplished by designing and building a Green and energy efficient new home:

  1. Improved Performance and Better Durability
    • Homes and their components perform as intended
    • Better selection of materials that best match the homeowner’s needs
  2. Improved Comfort
    • Reduced hot & cold spots
    • More even temperatures throughout the home
    • Eliminate drafts
  3. Improved Indoor Air Quality
    • Reduced dust and pollens
    • Better control of humidity and odors
  4. Healthy Homes
    • Ability to provide better air filtration and cleaning options
    • Controlled ventilation & fresh air
  5. Energy Savings
    • Lower heating & cooling loads
    • More efficient appliances, lighting and HVAC systems
    • “Right-sized” HVAC operates more efficiently and lasts longer
    • Optimum electrical quality reduces cost and extends the life of appliances
  6. Reduced Operating Cost
    • Energy Savings = Lower utility bills
    • Better materials = Less maintenance
  7. Increased homeowner awareness and education
  8. Improved Home Value - The professional real estate appraisal industry has been implementing training and education for appraisers who evaluate energy efficiency and Green Buildings. This is significant in that it substantiates the increased value of a home with above code Green and or Energy Efficiency certifications that exhibit measurable and verifiable prescriptive elements.

How can Bluegill Energy Management Help?

There is a distinct science and methodology to building high performance homes. Elements must be carefully chosen and properly incorporated into the building design that conform to Building Science and ensure the optimum performance of the building system.

During the design phase or pre-construction phase of a project, Bluegill will consult with the homebuyer and builder to correctly identify the goals of the project. Energy efficiency and/or Green features that compliment the project’s goals are then incorporated into the building in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Additionally, Bluegill’s inspectors hold all necessary certifications/accreditations in building code, energy, and Green building to correctly evaluate the home and verify proper installation and performance of the Green and energy efficient features.

Bluegill Energy Management can also assist the homebuyer and/or builder in obtaining valuable national certifications like: LEED, National Green Building Standard, Energy Star, DOE Builders Challenge, Green Built Gulf Coast, and Energy Star Indoor Air Plus.

How we treat our customers:

Bluegill’s strongest attribute is customer focus and is proud that over 90% of Bluegill’s past and current business is referral based. Every home is unique as are the needs and goals of every client. Each project deserves the individual attention that Bluegill Energy Management provides.

You can read more about Clayton Farmer/Bluegill Energy Management, and find contact information in our Select Vendors section.